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Color of the 2017 year!

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The Pantone Corporation, widely known for designing the color palette of the same name, also keeps the right to annually determine a top trending color of the upcoming season. In 2016, the leadership was at the same time assigned to two colors – a sunset reminiscent mixture of Rose Quartz pale pink and pale blue Serenity. This year Pantone keeps up with the natural trend, and gives the laurels to a plant green tint – Greenery. The chosen color of the year gains even more urgency thanks against a background of a common pro-eco trend in both cosmetics and other branches. Over that, the green color has always been a favorite color solution for ecology-friendly and bio goods manufacturers branding strategy. Besides, this color also makes a great aesthetical values in packaging design by giving a great look to all kinds of packaging kinds, no matter whether the material is gauzy, matt or glossy. For those who still keep their hands off the green color, there’s always been an option of blending greenish accessories with main parts of any other colors, especially brown, white or black. This way, we can already say for sure, that in 2017 there’s going to appear a plenty of green solutions in all fields of industrial design, including interior, clothing and, of course, packaging.