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Packaging news 12/2016

Rebhan presented a new cosmetic bottle EDGE made from Glass Polymer. New bottle can be printed even on the edges.

Sunrise Pumps, Taiwan’s leading dispensing solution expert, works with SPACK to launch a new dispensing packaging design – double-ended airless packaging.

Thanks to Sunrise Pumps’ specially designed airless dispensing spring mechanism, this double-ended airless packaging achieves its purpose by holding two different products in one unique piece of packaging.

Sunrise’s double-ended airless packaging features two dispensing pumps and caps on a 2-way packaging bottle barrel. It is a perfect solution for housing any product that requires a two-stage treatment or application. Consumers are able to keep two products in one piece of packaging instead of holding one and searching for another.

Überwood® – the latest achievement from Ewald company. Products for  skincare and haircare offer protection with the great power of the pine tree. The company presents youthful, fresh and different concept of naturalness.

Besides the product made from natural ingredients, the tube is also partly made of wood.

From the beginning, Ewald was clear that the packaging for Überwood care products had to contain natural materials.

We also presented on this video the better packaging designs of the year 2016.