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Packaging news 01/2017

Every month we publish the most interesting packaging news. On January the most interesting packaging solutions presented such companies as Fancy and Trend, Kérastase, Lablabo and elegant design of Dr. Temp cosmetic line.

Special cosmetic compact produced by Fancy&Trend is a revolutionary solution. Blocks of this compact are replaceable, can be either a long rectangular long strip occupying 1/2 the compact space, a tiny square block occupying 1/4 compact space, or a full square size that occupies the entire compact space.

The first smart hair brush was presented by Kérastase. The app-connected brush can help you to take care of your hair. It contains sensors which will collect data identifying movement patterns, detect whether the hair is dry or wet, and record any damage to the hair.

Lablabo has developed the Twinbag line that has two separate dispensing options for two incompatible or complementary formulas. Each formula can be dispensed independently or  two formulas can be simultaneously dispensed by separating them until ready to use.

We also present a special design of Dr. Temt cosmetics line. The jar in modern violet color looks amazing.

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