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    New solution for the probe or “pocket” cosmetics!

    Easy-to-use DOYPACK – it is an interesting and practical option for the probe or just a solution for the “pocket” cosmetics. The doypack has a small capacity – 7-10 ml. It is compact and easily fits into a handbag.

    It is ideal for cosmetics we want just to try or for cosmetics when we are traveling, on when we are on vacation and on any other trip.

    It’s just a mini-version of the product, so you can put several cosmetic products in one little makeup bag. What is the advantage of mini DOYPACK versus other packaging for probes? After openning the product can be used repeatedly. Special closure protects the product from drying out and from moisture and dirt. Let’s face it, there is an advantage!

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    Cap of bottle for food products

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    Bottle of Glass Polymer

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